Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DIY (Scrabble Word Art)

I think a lot about my home.  As in, "Where can I find the perfectly sized bench to go at the end of our bed?  One that is upholstered in the right colored fabric and has legs, so that it's not too bulky, but isn't as expensive as the Crate & Barrel Colette Bench I've been coveting?  One that isn't too short and fits the size of the bed nicely."  I can get so wrapped up in searching for the perfect item for our home that I have to slow down and remind myself that the main point is,  "How do I want this house to feel?" 

It really doesn't matter how my home looks if it isn't comfortable or doesn't emanate warmth and love.   I want James to recall the home of his youth as a safe, fun place where love was bountiful.  This is also the reason I've been making such an effort to cook more, because cooking and preparing meals to serve to others is a way of showing love.  And I thoroughly enjoy how the house smells when something yummy is brewing.  Those are the smells I want my son to recall.  And hopefully, when he's older, he'll have no memory of a time when mama didn't cook.  He'll just know that mama makes the best _____.  We're still working on that part:)  Even if he only wants to eat rice and beans, night after night, for dinner now. 

I love it when friends drop by for a quick visit and end up lounging around, forgetting about what time it is and sitting and relaxing for a leisurely while.  

I love to watch kids playing and hear them giggling with delight.

I made a simple welcome sign out of Scrabble letters and placed it near our home's entryway, as a message to everyone who enters our home.  I hope you feel welcome and comfortable here. And visit often.   

I used red nail polish to paint the heart.