Thursday, May 17, 2012

james loves michaeljackson

Pretty shortly after James was born, I started singing and dancing with him to one of my favorite songs, Rock With You, by Michael Jackson.  Then he discovered the song on my iPod and wanted to listen to it all.the.time.  If you come over to our house sometime, you'll hear repeated requests for "michealjackson" like it's all one word.  And then when you play michaeljackson (for the 50th time), he'll immediately say, "wannahearagain." 

The first video doesn't really have audio, it just shows James listening to michaeljackson on the iPod while trying to figure out how to eat (a Moon Pop) at the same time.  Tricky.

That was several months ago, now I've caught him singing the words along with the song.  Around :42 seconds you can hear him sing his favorite part- "Feel the beat, and we can ride the boogie! Share that beat of loooooove!"

But he also likes typical nursery rhymes like, "The Wheels on the Bus" and has even started playing it on the guitar!  :) I like how he announces, "I'm gonna sing!" 

Have a great day!